Why is seattle coffee so expensive?

Seattle coffee prices are likely to rise due to the drought and rising shipping costs. The effects of the drought in Brazil and the shipping costs in Central and South America are likely to be felt in Washington through coffee prices. SEATTLE You've probably noticed that the price of just about everything has gone up. As if a cup of coffee weren't expensive enough, there is a confluence of factors that are driving up farmers' costs to grow beans and could begin to reach local coffees before the end of the year.

Fortunately, the culture is improving and more and more coffee roasters in Seattle are roasting with different styles instead of the predominant Italian dark roast style. Since the city's population is prepared to pay a little more for a better cup of coffee (and, whether you like it or not, Starbucks is well above what happened for coffee in the United States in the mid-1980s and before), there is room for a competitive market. If you go to downtown Seattle, you practically have at least one independent coffee shop per block (excluding the ubiquitous Starbucks, which can be found on every other block). The culture really started mainly with Starbucks, I'm a waiter in Seattle and you can see how and why people were so influenced by coffee and Starbucks.

It is worth noting that Seattle, San Francisco, Portland and Los Angeles, all of them among the first to adapt to modern coffee culture, are port cities, which reduced supply costs and facilitated the importation of better quality coffees. The owner of a local coffee shop saw what was happening and set up Seattle's Best with Torrefats toaster in Seattle. It's interesting to note that the coffee trend in Seattle began to take hold around 1985, when Microsoft went public with 26 percent of its first version of Windows, and also the start of grunge (locally). Tully's Coffee, Seattle's Best, Cafe Vida and a bunch of smaller roasters and independent stores are opening.

According to the person I heard this from, this was before the rise of Starbucks and Seattle's Best, and back then coffee carts were still buying beans from Italy, e.g.

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