Who is the oldest coffee roaster in the us?

The recently renovated Probat roaster at the Pull roaster warehouse in Eastern Washington. The owner of Pull, Todd Millar, believes that the machine dates back to 1896, although it's almost impossible to verify the exact date. All images are courtesy of Pull Caffé. Lavazza remains one of the most expansive coffee brands in the world after 126 years in business, shipping its coffee beans and beans to more than 90 countries.

Unlike many storefronts, Peet's Coffee only sold its hand-roasted beans to customers by bags instead of cups of brewed coffee. After its first decade in business, Starbucks opened four locations in Seattle that were becoming increasingly popular for their high-quality, freshly brewed coffee. Pull Caffé's cans and other marketing materials now proudly include the claim that the company's coffees are roasted in the “oldest coffee roaster in the world”. Folgers was at the forefront of developments in the grocery store coffee market throughout history, such as the rise of instant coffee in the form of “Folgers crystals”.

The coffee brand began as a simple effort to bring the bold flavor of Cuban coffee to a small corner of New York. The following year, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters shipped internationally and dedicated all its energy to ground coffee products. Because of the organization's links with the coffee industry and its increasingly popular K-Cup products, which are sold in grocery stores, it is still considered one of the most important coffee brands in the world. The expansion was successful, as Dunkin' Donuts remains one of the best-selling coffee brands in the United States and offers its customers nearly twenty varieties of ground coffee in bags to buy.

Although they are not as influential in today's market, their approach to the coffee business has consolidated Maxwell House as one of the most important coffee brands in the United States more than a century later. Modern coffee roasting is based on a better understanding of the chemistry of coffee and the changes that occur during the process.

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