Which neighborhoods have the best flavored coffee shops in seattle?

In addition to being a welcoming café, Black Coffee Northwest, a black-owned non-profit organization owned by Shoreline, is a major hub for communities of color in North Seattle, offering youth-focused programs such as barista training, internships and leadership opportunities. Stop by and buy a Melanin Mocha or Africano in a variety of styles. Founded in 2003, Herkimer Coffee is a wholesale roaster with four coffee shops in Seattle, including this one in Phinney Ridge. Herkimer emphasizes direct trade and supply models driven by relationships, and offers both blends and single-origin grains.

You'll find Ethiopian coffees from Gogogu Bekaka in the Guji area, Colombian beers from longtime Finca Campo Amor members, and more. Not sure what to choose? Ask one of the friendly baristas or check out the coffee subscriptions online. Sound and Fog is a modern specialty coffee shop in West Seattle. They mainly make at Heart Coffee, one of the best coffee shops in Portland, but every month they bring a rotating selection of their favorite roasters from around the world so you can try everything that's on the market.

For example, in the next two months, they will bring in DAK from Amsterdam and Methodical Coffee from South Carolina. Just outside the Seattle city limits, in the White Center neighborhood, you'll find Moonshot Coffee, a beautiful store with delicious cups of coffee. You'll find them in a variety of neighborhoods, so it's almost as easy to get to them as the big coffee giant that Seattle is best known for. If you don't have much time to explore other coffee shops, but you want to know a standard by which to judge coffee in Seattle, you can't miss a visit here.

Although the pandemic necessarily limited face-to-face interaction, Kaffa will organize the immersive Ethiopian coffee ceremony if requested (if scheduled well in advance), an exceptional way to learn about the coffee culture of the country in which it originated. Fulcrum, one of the most established coffee roasters in Seattle, is led by Blas Alfaro, a fifth-generation Costa Rican coffee producer. These three places don't really fit the list and criteria above for one reason or another, but it's worth checking out if you're in Seattle and you love coffee. While none of them stands out among Seattle's variety of independent and unique coffee shops, the Starbucks Reserve Roastery is a different story.

I also really liked their “three origins within one origin” sample pack, which consists of three different coffees from Ethiopia with different processing and tasting notes that highlight how diverse coffee can be, even within the same country. But it's worth a visit to see a piece of history that changed the coffee game in Seattle and the rest of the world. Since I spend so much time in Seattle, I decided to put together a guide to the best coffee shops in Seattle to help both travelers and locals discover their new favorite place. On the coffee side, pandan lattes and iced Calamansi espresso tonics are a distinctly Filipino version of specialty coffee beverages.

As restrictions ease, tastings may return, but for now, Victrola is still offering some of the best coffee in Seattle. It was my first time there and it will be a staple on all future trips to Seattle to discover new and exciting cafés from around the world. Phin, on the other hand, has to do with Vietnamese coffee culture, where a cup of coffee serves as a time to socialize and meet friends, not as fuel to end the workday. My two brothers, who live in the Seattle area, have had a similar evolution to mine when it comes to coffee.

After having traveled a lot and spent a lot of time researching interesting coffee shops to visit, I have always had the conflict of looking for a new, modern coffee shop in a gentrified neighborhood, something quite common in cities around the world right now. .

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