What should i look for when buying a coffee roaster?

Some roasters perform better than others at a dark roast level. If you like dark, oily beans, consider an air roaster or a Gene Café. Toasters can come in all shapes and sizes, so having adequate space is essential. Deciding which coffee roaster you'll partner with can have an impact on your coffee shop business at every level.

In addition, coffee shop owners will have to face the challenges of obtaining green coffee, managing roasting waste and profiling coffee. Leave poor to mediocre cafes to your competition, fast food restaurants and corporate coffee chains. Many coffee shop owners tend to choose “cheaper” coffee because it offers higher margins, but in reality it may not serve them well in the long term. In addition, you may want to visit other local coffee shops in your area and find out where they get their coffee.

Simply knowing what coffee you serve your customers already places you in the “top half” of existing coffee shops in the United States. Some coffee roasters offer lighter, fruity coffees, while others offer darker coffees with more chocolate. Not to be left behind, some coffee roasters may offer different types of coffee blends as opposed to espresso blends, while others may focus on single-origin roasts. As a coffee shop, going from offering coffee in bulk to roasting your own brand of coffee can be a daunting task.

When you buy the complete coffee shop startup kit, you receive a valuable collection of exclusive resources designed to help your coffee shop business grow. Choosing a local, wholesale coffee roaster is one of the most important decisions you'll make as a coffee shop owner. In addition to rental expenses, waiter payroll, paper products and taxes, expenses on coffee beans will be among the most important variable expenses you commonly incur as a coffee shop owner.

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