What is the oldest coffee roaster in seattle?

Café Allegro This quiet toaster, the last of the famous cafeterias on the avenue that pioneered the genre, also holds the title of the oldest coffee shop in the city. Espresso drinks are good, but the atmosphere (and the wall with old school posters) are iconic and historic. Lighthouse Roasters is a specialty coffee roaster and boutique coffee shop in Seattle. Founded in 1993, Lighthouse is one of the oldest specialty coffee roasters in Seattle and beyond.

This Vietnamese coffee shop is, first and foremost, a story of immigrants. It carries with it the culture of countless generations and nods to the richness of overseas coffee production that has taken over the Seattle International District. Allegro's coffee is available online, but to really feel the old-school Seattle vibe, you'll want to go there in person. Fulcrum, one of the most established coffee roasters in Seattle, is led by Blas Alfaro, a fifth-generation Costa Rican coffee producer.

However, it didn't start as a coffee roaster, but as a coffee cart, opened by engineer David Schomer and his wife Geneva Sullivan, a central systems technician. Instead, Phin has to do with Vietnamese coffee culture, where a cup of coffee serves as a time to socialize and meet friends, not as fuel to end the workday. To discover why Seattle can claim to have some of the best coffee in the country, visit Sound and Fog. He has trained some of the top roasters in Seattle and Portland, such as the founders of Stumptown Coffee and Blue Beard, among others.

But what is now the most recognized coffee brand in the world is not the catalyst for what eventually became a flourishing coffee scene. With a variety of seasonal coffees from countries such as Peru and Colombia and a solid, simplified menu of coffee drinks, this is paradise on Pioneer Square. As Starbucks spread everywhere, the coffee-obsessed Seattle crowd of the late 1990s helped spearhead a wave of coffee shops that were established in the heart of the city. Anchorhead, like many private coffee shops in Seattle, roasts its beans and its popularity has given rise to two other locations, including one in Bellevue, one of Seattle's most sought-after suburbs.

On the coffee side, pandan lattes and iced Calamansi espresso tonics are a distinctly Filipino version of specialty coffee beverages. Olympia Coffee, one of Seattle's top roasting companies, supplies some of the best coffee shops in the city. Although the pandemic necessarily limited face-to-face interaction, Kaffa will organize the immersive Ethiopian coffee ceremony if requested (if scheduled well in advance), an exceptional way to learn about the coffee culture of the country in which it originated. Located in the Pike Place Market, Anchorhead Coffee offers the perfect fusion between coffee snobbery and a cozy space to enjoy a simple cup of coffee.

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