What is the best cold brew in seattle?

Never have a cold, boring beer at Anchorhead Coffee. Coffee shops often use the full immersion method to prepare cold coffee, in which coarsely ground coffee is soaked in water for a long period of time and then filtered. But Mike McConnell, owner of Caffe Vita, took another path after being inspired by his trip to Japan and instead chose to prepare cold, slow-drip beer, also known as Kyoto-style coffee. Since coffee is never soaked in water, the taste is lighter and even less bitter than that of a normal cold beer.

Small-batch cold coffee from Starbucks Stumptown Roasters Original Cold Brew Coffee Anchorhead Coffee Original Cold Brew. So today (1-22-1) I stopped by Seattle's Best Coffee on the corner of 5th Street and Pike in Seattle, and I enjoyed drinking cold coffee, even though it was raining, and I also bought a nice cup.

Heather Roesner
Heather Roesner

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