What is the best coffee shop in seattle?

In addition to being a welcoming café, Black Coffee Northwest, a black-owned non-profit organization owned by Shoreline, is a major hub for communities of color in North Seattle, offering youth-focused programs such as barista training, internships and leadership opportunities. Stop by and buy a Melanin Mocha or Africano in a variety of styles. Founded in 2003, Herkimer Coffee is a wholesale roaster with four coffee shops in Seattle, including this one in Phinney Ridge. Herkimer emphasizes direct trade and supply models driven by relationships, offering both blends and single-origin grains.

You'll find Ethiopian coffees from Gogogu Bekaka in the Guji area, Colombian beers from longtime Finca Campo Amor members, and more. Not sure what to choose? Just ask one of the friendly baristas or check out coffee subscriptions online. Fulcrum Café is a major Seattle coffee shop, offering traditional coffee flavors and keeping up with modern times. With three brands (Fulcrum, Silver Cup and Urban City) that offer different aspects of coffee, they can offer some of the best-tasting coffees for everyone.

Single-origin, trackable coffee beans are the hallmark of Fulcrum Café, so you'll have access to premium coffee that you roast at home. They also offer a small but satisfying food menu and coffee-free beverages, all within a cozy and elegant interior that leaves you wanting a second cup. Anchorhead Coffee may be a Duval-based roaster, but its retail location in Seattle is hard to beat. The intimate, cozy interior and the high-quality coffee beans provide quality over quantity.

While they offer single-origin coffee beans from many different locations, their most popular batches come from Ethiopia. They also have freshly baked goods to go with their top-notch beer, making it a great place to settle down and mingle with friends. With many repeat customers and repeat customers known by name, Anchorhead Coffee strives to be part of the community. Coffee shops may have an elitist touch, but Seattle Coffee Works likes to get away from that kind of environment.

Their specialty is single-origin coffee, and they roast it in an expert and consistent way to highlight the flavor notes. Light and medium roasts are the most popular, although they offer a variety of roasts and beans. The interior has a traditional cafeteria atmosphere with a modern atmosphere, combining two worlds in a tranquil environment. Whether you're looking for a quieter social environment or a place to read a book, Seattle Coffee Works is the perfect coffee shop for that.

Café Allegro is a hidden gem of works of art and a distinctive atmosphere, a center of creativity and community. It opened its doors as Seattle's first espresso bar and is still a constant competition for newer coffee shops. Their original blend of espresso and artisanal beverages have stood the test of time and have competed against several coffee shops in the same area. They also sell small batches of premium coffee and a variety of baked goods, making it a great place to take a break and enjoy a piece of Seattle history.

If you're in the University area, Café Allegro is a great place to have coffee and make art. Get more than just a caffeine fix at these places for the best coffee in Seattle Right down the street from the original Starbucks, Seattle Coffee Works offers a standard coffee shop for a delicious snack and a slow bar to learn about preparation methods and beans. There you'll find manual brewing equipment and a selection of single-origin coffees from most of the world's coffee-producing regions. Enjoy the award-winning Seattle Space blend, freshly brewed single-origin rotating drip coffee and cold beer.

Roasting beans since 1985, Caffé d'Arte knows what it's doing. Head to the newest location in Pioneer Square to enjoy a cold, wood-toasted beer (nitro) and an espresso on the stove. While you're at it, try some pastries and sandwiches from local vendors. While all four locations are charming, Victrola's Pike Street location on Pike Street, in a building with rows of cars from the 1920s, also doubles as a toaster, training center, and tasting room.

Some Fridays at 11 in the morning, visitors can enjoy a free coffee tasting or tasting. By gaining some knowledge about the brand's single-origin coffee, as well as its blends, they spent countless hours experimenting with roast profiles and espresso blends. The company, which bears the name of the domestic phonograph of the 1920s, was created to embrace the vividness of the jazz era, and it does so through its spacious spaces and its daring café. Coffee in Seattle is like wine: baristas can treat you to the origin of the beans, the tasting notes, the aromas and the pairings.

Since I spend so much time in Seattle, I decided to put together a guide to the best coffee shops in Seattle to help both travelers and locals discover their new favorite place. If you're on the north side of Seattle, take a trip to Black Coffee Northwest, a coffee shop that's been making a splash since it opened 2 years ago. However, what I like most about Café Hagen's coffee offering is the espresso flight, where you can have three shots of espresso side by side, which helps to really highlight the differences between coffees. On the coffee side, pandan lattes and iced Calamansi espresso tonics are a distinctly Filipino version of specialty coffee beverages.

Although the pandemic necessarily limited face-to-face interaction, Kaffa will organize the immersive Ethiopian coffee ceremony if requested (if scheduled well in advance), an exceptional way to experience the coffee culture of the country where it originated. Analog sources beans from local Herkimer Coffee and offers cold draft beer, the first coffee shop in Seattle to install a faucet system. Since then, I have followed a progression that began with a Keurig, evolved into a Nespresso machine and, eventually, became a full-fledged coffee snobbery, which made me prepare a cup of coffee by hand every morning, with an electric kettle, an electric grinder and a little finger raised while I drink. Caffeine is key to enjoying the best things to do in the city, and these Seattle coffee shops do it.

If you don't have much time to explore other coffee shops, but want to know a standard by which to judge coffee in Seattle, you can't miss a visit here. However, Starbucks listened to requests for better-tasting coffee and launched the Starbucks Reserve, a luxurious improvement over its regular franchise coffee. Fulcrum Coffee is a fusion of three different brands (Fulcrum, Urban City and Silver Cup) with slightly different views on coffee. You can try a wider variety of coffees than is available in their other stores, as well as flights for coffee, delicious meals at an expanded cafeteria, and even coffee-infused cocktails.

In general, I think I prefer coffee curators, who are looking for exciting and interesting coffees regardless of who roasted them. It was my first time there and it's going to be a staple on all future trips to Seattle to discover new and exciting cafés from around the world. That's exactly what their Kenyan coffee gave us, a coffee that would be lighter and brighter if prepared differently. .

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