What is special about seattle coffee?

Seattle is regarded as a global center for coffee roasting and coffee supply chain management. In connection with this, many of the city's inhabitants are coffee enthusiasts; the city is known for its outstanding coffee culture and its many coffee shops. Fall and winter conditions in the Northwest could also influence the attraction of coffee. Like hygge in a mug.

In addition to being a welcoming café, Black Coffee Northwest, a black-owned non-profit organization owned by Shoreline, is a major hub for communities of color in North Seattle, offering youth-focused programs such as barista training, internships and leadership opportunities. Stop by and buy a Melanin Mocha or Africano in a variety of styles. Founded in 2003, Herkimer Coffee is a wholesale roaster with four coffee shops in Seattle, including this one in Phinney Ridge. Herkimer emphasizes direct trade and supply models driven by relationships, and offers both blends and single-origin grains.

You'll find Ethiopian coffees from Gogogu Bekaka in the Guji area, Colombian beers from longtime Finca Campo Amor members, and more. Not sure what to choose? Ask one of the friendly baristas or check out coffee subscriptions online. They may be afraid of asking silly questions and of being out of their reach, as I was before going for a walk in Seattle with Petrin for coffee. Allegro's coffee is available online, but to really feel the old-school Seattle vibe, you'll want to go there in person.

On the coffee side, pandan lattes and iced Calamansi espresso tonics are a distinctly Filipino version of specialty coffee beverages. A small café in Upper Queen Anne that opened its doors about three decades ago has become a much appreciated staple of the Seattle coffee scene with its own roasting program and a mini-empire of double-digit locations. For me, this sidewalk location perfectly embodies and represents Seattle's quintessential coffee cultural experience. No matter what corner of Seattle you're in, you're usually just steps away from a delicious coffee in a cozy space.

I wonder if this spirit of coffee as a community and of connection is the reason why Petrin mainly chooses to take guests directly to a special coffee bar, rather than sharing their appreciation for coffee through an organized and strategically labeled social network.

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