Do you need special coffee for latte?

To make espresso with latte you usually need an espresso machine; however, to make latte with regular coffee, you don't need an espresso machine. But, since coffee won't be prepared using the espresso method, keep in mind that it won't provide the same pronounced coffee flavor that the art of espresso with milk is known for. Latte art, also known as microfoam art, is a beautiful way to finish the preparation of coffee to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee that will make you feel good at any time of the day. In doing so, it produces rich, oily coffee with an intense flavor, so it's generally served as a drink, unlike the big, steaming cup of coffee that many are used to.

However, it is possible to continue enjoying strong coffee by choosing a darker or stronger roasted coffee, or you can use an Aeropress machine, which allows you to prepare a coffee strong enough to mimic the taste of espresso. The Latte Art creates an exciting cup of coffee that is reminiscent of your favorite coffee shop, and it can also be used to complete a normal coffee, following the tips below. A good cup of coffee has a favorable aroma that ignites the senses and makes you perceive it as tasty, which in turn makes you want to slow down and savor the coffee while enjoying the environment. Think about it: when you order a cappuccino or a latte in an elegant cafeteria, where a lot of importance is given to offering the best possible coffee and it comes with latte art, you instantly associate it with quality.

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Heather Roesner

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